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PART... this Bonding Code might not work. This is the
          EXACT same formula that I shared with Anna on our first
          visit. (Yes, the same Anna I mentioned at the beginning
          who was 41, divorced and had two kids and no self-
          confidence to date).

          10 years earlier, she sat at a fancy restaurant with beautiful
          music playing when Tyler got up out of his chair, bent
          down on one knee and ask her to be his forever. Stunned
          and speechless, she started to cry with tears of joy as she
          said yes to his proposal. When they were married she
          knew she’d picked the right man for her and wanted to
          make sure she was the wife he had always wanted.
          So she did what she thought a man would like. She almost
          always agreed to his sexual advances while being both
          positive and upbeat, most of the time.In fact Tyler often
          bragged to other couples that she was one of the most
          giving women he had ever known.
          All Seemed Well Until One

          Fateful Morning...
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