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Was he having an affair?

          If she could just understand, then she could fix it.
          But the understanding she wanted never came as she went
          from begging him to stay to accepting the cold reality that
          he would never return.
          After 3 months she felt that she was going to drown in
          grief if she didn’t talk with someone so a friend
          referred her to me.
          After a few minutes sitting across from me she paused,
          looked me in the eye and ask, “Bob, who’s going to want a
          41 year old divorced woman with 3 small children?” After
          losing the man who had promised to love her forever, I
          understood her doubts and fears.
          Fast Forward 8 Months

          and You Wouldn’t

          Recognize This Same


          One afternoon she went to see her attorney and entered the
          elevator to his 14th floor office. When she got in she
          pushed the button for her floor and noticed a man who was
          busy talking to someone on his cellphone.

          As the elevator began it’s ascent, he stopped his call and
          glanced at her, then looked away. She felt a nervous
          twinge then not a moment later she was shocked when he
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